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RFK jr. is being ignored by the now radical Democrat party machine who cannot allow him to gain any more traction against their present and future Potemkin candidate, Joe Biden. RFK jr. is a kind of Democrat that does not serve their un and anti "Fundamentally Transform America" radical Democrat political agenda. Think Covid origination and the mRNA experimental "Vaccination" to start. RFK jr. is having none of it, and the radical do as you are told Democrat party machine is totally committed to the lies.

Joe Biden if you have not been made aware, has a very substantial and vigorously growing political and very probably legal problem situation and it will not be going away any time soon. Hubris they name is Biden, apparently all of them.

Hunter Biden threatens his CCP Chinese associate apparently while sitting next to his father? This can only get much, much worse.

So, what is the RFK jr. political handlers strategic plan I have to assume? Power image appeal to the everyday Democrat soccer moms of America. The guy is in good shape, and women like that as politically incorrect as that may sound to some.

You won't allow Joe to debate RFK jr.? Maybe it does not matter?

And that beefcake picture was not taken by accident nor is it an accident that it has found its way into the media. Now contrast that with shaky spindly Joe and his now historically growing never before seen in American political history political and legal problems. Stand by.

Are you paying attention yet America? (I know the ladies are :) JGL 6/26/23

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