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NEVER trust anyone who has displayed such poor judgement as the Rock has displayed regarding who he at his level of fame enthusiastically endorsed for president in the 2020 presidential race.

And he now has allegedly had a come to Jesus moment about that endorsement and disparages his "choice". NEVER TRUST HIM!

Why does someone in Hollywood dabbling within the sphere of politics make such a poor judgment and endorse such a poor and obviously contrived and weak ticket as the Joe Biden / Kammala Harris (D) presidential ticket? A political ticket that is theee most un and anti-American / destroy America crew that has ever inhabited the White House. Especially when he in the past has clearly transmitted that he was a more Conservative thinker.

In my opinion that would be contractual requirements and or for money, same thing. Bought and paid for IMO. And if that is so then he can be bought and paid for, just like Joe, if he indeed were to pursue a political career as he has expressed interest in.

He could have been a true hero in real life, but he is in fact by his own words and actions a zero.

Never trust him.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/5/24

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Looks like "The Rock" is just like a dishonest politician. As the saying goes, an honest politician stays bought.

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He is physically strong, but he is as weak as it comes when it comes to what he truly believes. I used to like the Rock, he was a golden boy, has the world at his feet. But he is not qualified to do anything except play a part, a part written by others. His superiors and their money that is. Sound familiar? NEVER TRUST HIM.

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