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No one has ever seen this fibrous stringy structure effect within the veins and arteries of the human body before Covid and the MRNA "vaccine".

Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson: 6 min.

And the FDA has no concern here either about the effects of Covid and or the MRNA "vaccine" because these anomalous growths within the bodies of the dead is none of their concern. They only deal with those who are living.

Do you see a problem with that logic here?

How did these people with these unnatural growths that no medical professional ever seen before within human bodies get dead? One moment they are of concern and un your jurisdiction, and the next moment?


Which is it, how did these people become dead? Is it the effects of a lab created virus? Is it the effects of a lab created MRNA based "vaccine"? Or is it the combination of the two technologies within the bodies of many of the now dead humans that caused them to become dead?

And as far as I understand it is not optimal to have a fibrous and stringy structures that no medical professional has ever seen before the Covid event to be growing within the veins and arteries of the human body.

Remember: The government or any politically empowered politician has NEVER told you or anyone else the truth. Truth is not their job.

Your job? Pay attention and try to Objectively see through the fog, the distractions and the manipulations and figure out where your best interests lie. That is your job.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/8/24

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Apr 08
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The fact is that the Covid "vaccine" was brought to market without the most basic testing to make sure it did no harm. This was known by all of the people involved, from the "scientists," to the pharmaceutical companies, to bureaucrats like Fauci, to elected leaders who saw a chance to grab undreamed of power over the people they pretend to represent. And, despite a huge effort to shut down dissent, the information was available for anyone who took the time to look that anyone who took the shot(s) was setting him/herself up as a guinea pig in a world-wide experiment for an unknown "emergency" drug. As such, you have no legal recourse if anything goes wrong. And everyone invo…

Apr 09
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What? Oh, sorry--I couldn't hear you through my tin foil hat.

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