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Updated: Sep 8, 2023

I used to be an American. But no more, I am now a *NEW* American! And proud of it. This is no longer your father's Liberal Democrat party, that party died long ago.

I used to live within the concepts, rules and duly passed laws that were formulated by and are the result the objectively structured American Constitution. But no more.

I used to respect the concept of due process in law and in court. But no more.

I used to believe in being rewarded for being intelligent, having life goals, paying attention, educating myself, equality and working hard in a Capitalist system. But no more.

I used to believe that the evils of Socialism and Communism were undesirable. But no more.

What do I believe now?

I believe that my country from its founding is evil and must be destroyed and razed to the ground in order to be reformulated and rebuilt in a fairer more Socialist model that I specify.

I believe that the law and courts can and should be used to disable through financial means or even imprisonment, if necessary, any of those in society or politics who opposes anything that I say as being good and serves my cause.

I believe that anyone in my country who opposes what I say, think or do is my mortal enemy and is biased and or racist and needs mandatory reeducation.

I believe that all people must accept whatever I or those who are in power who I approve of say, think or do without opposition.

I believe that if you have been too successful in life you must be guilty of something and that your property and at least some of your wealth needs to be confiscated and given to either the government or others that I decide needs it.

I believe that anyone who is insulted or feels slighted in any way can have those who did so prosecuted, fined and jailed if they refuse to say, think and do as I say.

I do not believe in borders or the isolating of individuals mentally ill or not who commit crime because everyone has the Right if they feel oppressed to enter any country they please or reassign ownership of any product or item if they feel they need them. No one is illegal.

I do not believe in the Right to own private property or the ability to freely express one's self for anyone who is not aligned with what I say, think or do.

I am a *NEW* American!

Sound familiar anyone? You are an everyday actual American Democrat? RINO? What the hell are you going to do? It is going to be all up to you. Disagree with my interpretation of what I see and where in my opinion our country is heading? Tell me all about it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/7/23

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