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Updated: Feb 24

White skin must be superior to all other skin colors because that by their actions is apparently what the "progressives" in control of A.I. seem to fear the most.

BBC: "For example, a prompt seeking images of America's founding fathers turned up women and people of color. The company said its tool was "missing the mark".

Daily Caller: "However, I have to applaud Gemini for it’s response to the Founding Fathers request. Sure, it showed an image of a what appears to be a black George Washington (very handsome), but it also posted an image of a Native American. And since Native Americans did find America first, I have no problem with this image."

"Progressives" and their assigned and aligned political party association (D) is all and only about juvenile ideology, symbolism, hollow faux substance and nonsensical models of operation that must result in force by government. You are a "progressive"? You disagree? Prove me wrong.

It is obvious to me that those that inhabit the "progressive" / woke universe and are involved in the development of A.I. technology are attempting to recalibrate the historical record and human nature. Because the modern historical record, specifically regarding the founding of America is dominated by white, Judeo / Christian Europeans who were involved in the settling / conquering of the North American continent and there were offences to modern day 20/20 hindsight "progressive" sensibilities. And history is filled with such events. But that for the most part was then, we move on.

And what appears plain to me is that these behind-the-scenes "progressive" activists and cultural warriors are pushing buttons and inputting into the A.I. programing at some level their form of biased information that serves their purposes to reshape reality. Isn't that what A.I. is all about?

My point today? Although history in general over let's say 10,000 or so years is full of well documented atrocities in the name of conquest and religion of all stripes and orientations in the form of murders, slaughters, enslavements, warfare, conquests of peoples, lands and empires, you name it it was done. BY EVERY HUMAN SKIN COLOR, CULTURE, RELIGION, KINGDOM OR COUNTRY. From Africa, to Arabia, to Asia, to Europe, to India, to Australia, to Indonesia, to South America, to North America. The country America and where it comes from is nothing new on the planet earth.

Except that those who founded it, all with white skin, attempted to end or modify that well known human tendency. And even that has been used to do the same.

And people with white skin and a more highly developed set of technological tools, religious and or tribal justifications and abilities who had a much wider scope to their conquests did exactly what all other humans with similar potentials of any color skin would have done. Exactly the same results.

Imagine a world where a Genghis Khan or a Shaka Zulu with the ability in their time in history to competently be able to sail the world in their quest for tribal, religious or absolute land area dominance would be. Sound familiar? You want to talk about what wholesale death, destruction, enslavement and conquest for the sake of conquest is all about? Let us not be naive.

The idea that people with white skin are in some way shape or form "superior" and the most manipulative, violent, ambitious and oppressive human beings that have ever strode the earth as those revisionists in academia, politics and the woke media are promoting is not accurate. And I am making no excuses for anyone here, the history of humanity is the history of humanity. It's a package deal.

AND this manipulative political narrative is being used to cause racial division and contention for political advantage purposes (D & RINO). The fact is that politicians need racial and class contention in order to acquire and retain their political advantage, it is their tool.

Like I said, the people who are in control of A.I., who are primarily all apparently of the "progressive" and woke mindset appear to be making their naive ideological attempt at reprogramming or selectively emphasizing the offences of the past, which remain in the past and cannot be relived and reconciled sans a time machine. In order to shape the future? Make the future less violent? Erase the facts surrounding historical enslavement and emphasizing one particular aspect of history for their political purposes? Forcing a naive, juvenile, half-baked ideology into the future? Choose one.

I have found none of the activist "progressives" who can rationally and with substance and understanding the mind and motivations of the human animal can properly explain their beliefs, motivations and actions. It's all half-baked, and our enemies in the world love that fact because it makes America weaker and not stronger. And they believe in that weakness they can build their utopia?

The narrow juvenile mind of the highly educated "progressive" can justify anything in the furtherance of what they see as being what the future must look like. And what does their future look like to me?

Authoritarian and compliant to the edicts of some "SUPERIOR" all-knowing government intelligence like A.I.. That they program. And good luck with that.

It really does not sound fun to me.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 2/22/24

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Feb 22
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"The juvenile mind"--that's a perfect description of Leftists who live in their own land of make-believe. These people have the intellectual and emotional maturity of a 10-year-old, at most. A spoiled, bratty 10-year-old, at that.

These are not serious people; unfortunately, they bring about deadly serious results.

Mar 08
Replying to

If you've been a father of an 8yo that is throwing a tantrum, again, you know what needs to be done. If you coddle (reward) that child you will get more of the same. If you punish (penalize) that child, and offer them guidance, you will change their behavior for the better.

The immature adult children that are so common these days were not raised properly, as explained above, but the correction method is the same. As these people are now older and more set in their ways the correction method must be scaled to meet demand.

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