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This is Janet Yellen prostrating herself as she meets with her and her boss's apparent boss their Chinese masters. Just delivering the deliverables IMO. From where I sit Joe Biden and Janet Yellen (and most all the rest) maybe / are both controlled even blackmailed assets and have accomplished far more for the Chinese CCP and their lofty ambitions and interests than for America. They are IMO all selling us out every day.

She and Joe do not instill confidence, not if you are an actual American that is.

And then we have the FED which is not a part of the government as its name would indicate but is a separate entity central bank that creates our American currency and establishes our interest rates in order to maintain a stable economy. How is that going? Looks like creative destruction to me.

And then we have presidential candidate, Ron Disantis commenting on the establishment of a FED controlled CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

And Ron Disantis is 100% exactly correct, if and when the FED is allowed to establish its own digital currency then that is the day that America as founded and intended is OVER!

If and when the FED has direct control over the money in your bank account and in your pocket and what you are allowed to do with it then you are in fact owned and controlled. And then as per the WEF at that point "You will own nothing, and you will be happy". You will do as you are instructed.

And we have all been witness to how even handed and neutral a powerful government agency like say the FBI and its politically obligated, controlled and partisan leadership has been as of late.

Laughing right in your face: Ten Examples That Prove The FBI Is Treasonously Corrupt – FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation ( (Read Strategy Over Morality on this blog to better understand)

You are an everyday Democrat / Liberal Democrat? You are a go along to get along RINO Republican? You are "compassionate", confused, naive and "politically correct"?

You had better get your head out from between your cheeks, stand up and wake the *EF* up!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/16/23

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