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Let's interpret what this "revelation" by NBC's Chuck Todd as it relates to the Democrat party machines strategy regarding the 2024 presidential election.

Gateway Pundit: "NBC’s Chuck Todd said on a podcast this week that he was told two years ago by a cabinet member that Biden couldn’t run for reelection.

Isn’t the timing of this revelation convenient? Why are we just hearing about it now? The answer is simple. We’re hearing about it now because it’s helpful to the left now. This information would not have helped the left two years ago, so Todd sat on it.

It’s just amazing that people in media are suddenly so forthcoming with information about Biden.".

What does this indicate regarding the DNC and their political strategy since the 2020 presidential election? Remember, politics is just another form of warfare. The DNC internal machine, run by the radical Leftist "progressive" "Destroy the Patriarchy" Obama acolytes within the White House intended to keep Trump tangled up and muddied up and in court. In court with charges and indictments that were all confabulated in the several Democrat controlled courts and states around the country.

All contrived charges facilitated by partisan political operative prosecutor DNC warriors and governors that passed laws in order to indict Trump on alleged crimes long past the time when legally allowed.

"Man plans, God laughs".

They planned to have at least one of their contrived "trumped" up charges and indictments result in a conviction and there by eliminate Trump from being a viable candidate for president in the 2024 presidential race. Nice and easy, dirty, filthy and corrupt political knee capping. Use the DOJ and the court system to remove the main contender from the field.

And because of two things they have clearly failed. The first thing being the DNC's arrogance, hubris and Globalist elite think "By any means necessary" "Destroy the Patriarchy" theory of recasting America in their dystopian Leftist do as you are told American dream.

And second the existence of the Constitution that creates all the rope one needs to hang oneself before the public's eyes. And the DNC has used every inch and then some of that length of Constitutionally provided rope.

The DNC machine planned to keep Joe once again isolated so he alone would be the choice of the people in 2024 because Trump was made to appear a "Danger to Democracy" and a convicted criminal.

"Politics: The dirtiest, filthiest most perverted, corrupt and deadly game that human beings play." JGL

And such lofty political God level aspirations wrapped in the purest of human perversion, corruption and deception is now being unraveled before the eyes of the public. Played out as per design and intent, the result of the one thing that structures and allows it all. The Constitution.

Stand by America.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/11/24

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