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One of the reasons that I started the web blog, besides it being a therapy exercise for me, was to document for future reference my perspective.

My perspective concerning American politics and where its foundation is laid, and that is in the text of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. And of course, to review and share my perspective on whatever else interests me that might be of interest to others.

From the thread of history to politics, to technology, to religion, to business etc, etc. All things of interests to me in an attempt to give perspective and an opportunity for discussion and clarity.

And this decision by the Supreme Court regarding a president, any president of the United States and their immunity regarding THEIR sworn fiduciary responsibilities as president is an example of this core function of the web site.

The Supreme Court rules on a president, any president and their immunity in discharging their official responsibilities: “The court holds that a former president has absolute immunity for his core constitutional powers.”

I posted this on presidential immunity on April 26, 2024: A PRESIDENT MUST HAVE IMMUNITY (

A president of the United States who believes that an election was contaminated with corruption, lies and cheating and the peoples will was denied. Which really characterizes any election that the Democrat party machine is involved in must based on his or her sworn fiduciary responsibilities and THEIR Subjective judgement must at least question if not take extreme actions in rectifying it. Note: Trust no politician of any political party.

The Constitution attempts to structure Objective law, justice and governance. Politics however is entirely Subjective. How do you tease the one out from the other? Other than a president in office and killing someone for personal reasons or clearly taking a bribe from a foreign country for favor. Other than similar circumstances, a very gray area indeed.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/1/24

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