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Is this what is coming to America? Coming? Hell it is here!

This below is what is coming to America, 7 days a week. Radical "progressive" Democrat party destroy America agenda street protest, agitation and VIOLENCE! And it must be properly dealt with.

This Palestinian V Israel protesting and violence in the streets will be nothing should the political power change in the White House to a serious more Conservative Republican non-RINO president, whoever that might be. And make no mistake about it, a serious more Conservative Republican America oriented non-RINO president and leadership MUST be a part of Americas future.

The Democrat party CAPTIOL *D* radical Leftist dominated political machine, and I do not refer to those people who are everyday Americans who in essence have been highjacked and feel they have no other choice in voting because of the abortion issue or because they emotionally despise the Republican candidate. I mean those who are in philosophical and political power control of the White House, The Senate, a segment of the Congress, the halls of higher education, the board rooms of many national and international corporations, K through 12 education, many "politically correct" radicals embedded within all forms of government and media who have intellectualized their activities and have come to the conclusion that America from its founding was and is immoral and must be diminished and even destroyed and reformulated. Those are the people I refer to. IS THAT YOU?

And how do I simply demonstrate to you how this can be so and what danger this kind of political thought process and trajectory is to every single American? Our current president who '81 million people voted for" is from what evidence is being revealed, strategically or not, apparently compromised directly by Americas number one adversary.

(How exactly does a Senator / vice president write a check for $2 million or so IN CASH dollars for a mansion on the beach? How exactly does that come to be? I think I know how.)

The Democrat party capitol *D* radical Leftist dominated political machine ascribes to the Globalist America must no longer dominate in leadership, and everything listed above is all a part of their agenda to accomplish that end.

And you as an individual, everyday Democrat or Republican, MUST take back what these un and now anti-American interests within and without seek to steal from you. And yes, the Republicans are dopey and are disorganized and back stabbers, but at least some of them anyway take America and their responsibilities to you and the country as founded seriously.

Remember, trust *NO* politically empowered politician by their words, trust them only by their deeds. And this current administration *D* by their deeds must be considered a direct threat to you, your family's safety and freedom and the country as founded. That is clear to me anyway. You may identify as a Democrat, but these are a different kind of Democrats.

The Israeli V Palestine conflict IMO is an opportune event that serves as one more major issue in the world to cause conflict, violence, confusion, political dissention within America in the Globalist radical Lefts efforts achieve their goals of diminishing and weakening America. And we currently have in leadership someone who has done everything that is detrimental to America from day one of "his" administration. Can you name 3 things that the Joe Biden administration has accomplished in Americas interests? Energy? Security? Secure borders? Economy? Crime and justice? Name them for me.

From day one the radical Democrat party machine has engaged in flooding the country with millions of illegals from around the world without any health vetting or security vetting. Have you ever asked yourself exactly what a totally open to all commers borders was about and what purpose it served? Well, I suggest that you begin to start to think about that very question. Can you rationally answer that question for me? No?

Are you paying attention yet America? Seriously. JGL 10/22/23

Fresco in San Gimignano - Kiss of Judas

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22 de out. de 2023
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The only people who can and do pay $2.75 million in cash are mobsters who are hiding their "assets." It's called money laundering, and those who engage in it are irredeemably dirty.

Respondendo a

I agree, but it goes way, way past just being irredeemably dirty. We are talking about the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA being paid off by CCP chinese interests and the surrendering of his sworn fiduciary Constitutional responsibilities. Starts with *T* ends with *EASON* to my thinking. A life long pay to play politician who has become comfortable with selling to the highest bidder the interests of the country. He wanted his big money Marthas Vineyard payoff like his previous boss, and God damn it he was going to have it!

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