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The plan: Cause an extreme global transformational crisis and problem through an illegal invasion in the millions from the third world and then force YOUR solution on everyone. And you have them (you) pay for it. No one ever said that politics was not evil, because it is.

You are currently engaged in a transformational war, but it's a different kind of war. AND YOU ARE LOSING.

In America during World War 2, millions of people, primarily young men were amassed and went overseas fought with great heart and honor and many died in order to put down an authoritarian Socialist Nazi European /world power grab. And that was able to happen and become manifest because America, and many other countries who resisted the authoritarian power move applied a higher level of philosophy, psychology, technology, design and brute force manufacturing power never before seen on planet earth in order to accomplish what had to be accomplished, some level of Objective freedom for humanity.

And today we again are engaged in a similar war against authoritarian Socialism, but it is very different this time. This war against authoritarian Socialism is being fought at an even higher level of technology many times removed from the last level of technology and a unique way of moving people to "do what must be done" never before seen on this planet. Very, very different on many, many levels.

This level of technology has grown clandestinely much like a virus since the last battle for some level of Objective freedom for humanity in the institutions that develop that higher level of technology and teach and, in many cases have indoctrinated individuals to believe that their country and the concepts of individual freedoms and Rights is a liability and is something to be rejected. And this is by Socialist design and not by mistake.

Stay tuned because I will be going much deeper into this issue in the future, but right now we are going to look specifically at some of the effects of this ongoing transformational warfare right here in New York City.

Cause an extreme crisis and problem, then force your emergency solution on all of the people, and have then pay for it.

“Our ’24 in 24’ plan to create and preserve affordable housing on 24 publicly-owned sites is another example of how we’re doing everything within our control to deliver housing and relief to New Yorkers when they need it most,” Adams said in a statement to The Post."

Naturally counterintuitively authoritarians want more of this: NYCHA again named one of city's 'worst landlords' ( Who wouldn't want more of that?

The Democrat machine and I suppose the corporate RINO machine are vectoring America into building a Socialist model where the real estate that used to be held by the private sector will be pushed into being owned, developed and run by government agencies. And in that quest for authoritarian transformational structure and power they have been running out the financial power houses that have traditionally paid for most all city services.

But how will it all be paid for in the future without the financial powerhouses and the people who made the money? Just look at the authoritarian Communist state of California, they are currently doing the same. Their taxation policies are driving out the highest earners to the point that the state now has: SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California is facing a record $68 billion budget deficit, state officials announced Thursday, forcing hard choices for Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in his final term as he works to build his national profile. And Gavin Newsome is aligning himself to deliver the same to the country as he readies himself to either run for president, or as Michelle Obama's vice president. Gavin Newsome is a confirmed Globalist and is focused on actively delivering that to America.

Cause the extreme crisis and then force your authoritarian Socialist solution based on "Humanitarian Compassion" all while you control the power and the politics.

And here is the evidence regarding how New York will begin to deliver on this agenda: City of Yes: Overview - DCP (

Cause the extreme crisis and then force your authoritarian Socialist solution based on "Humanitarian Compassion" all while you control the power and the politics.

ALL of New York City's zoning laws and rules will be transformed in order to create "equity" in housing, employment, healthcare, childcare and every other form of Socialism in order to accommodate the ultimate Globalist city of dependency that has ever been seen on planet earth. The planet wide transformation is a theme here if you have not noticed.

And NO Democrat in politics of any consequence will stand against it, not if they want to remain on the generous payroll and an elected Democrat in New York City that is.

And who will pay for it all and be forced to live within the walls of the growing lawless authoritarian pro criminal New York City? YOU! Rational Democrat, rational Republican, rational Conservative or rational Socialist, whether you agree with it or not. Are you rational or are you irrational?

And by you, I mean all of the people in America who pay taxes that will be forced through the Federal government redistributing their money to those now desperate states and cities that need it. You know, based on a self-generated self-serving humanitarian crisis and the need for compassion.

This is but one aspect of what the authoritarian Globalist agenda looks like in America. And the rest of the authoritarian Globalist now Democrat / RINO agenda is even much more disturbing.

Do you really believe that they are going to allow their agenda that is well on its way to fruition to be short circuited by a new opposition president that would derail it all? They will do ANYTHING up to and fill in the rest to remain in political power.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/24/24

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