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Updated: Jul 7

Long ago, at least 30 plus years ago, I came to a realization that human beings intellectualize their existence. I do it, you do it, everyone does it. And what do I mean by that?

Human beings intellectualize their existence and come to believe that they are separate and apart from their true nature. Human beings literally exist in two realities. Human beings are the result of their biological / DNA nature, just like every other form of life on planet earth.

But then there is a unique human characteristic, an expression of the unique human mind buttressed by unique human physical capabilities regarding environmental adaptation and an ability to manipulate matter in the environment that distinguishes and clearly separates human beings from all others. Human beings exist in real terms based on their intellectualized once removed perspective from that biological / DNA foundation in two real and distinct realities.

Is this clear difference between humans and all other forms of life on planet earth the result of intent and design? Or coincidence and chance? Unkown and probably unknowable. Human intellectualization of existence is and can be a very powerful mode and has catapulted humanity literally into the stars. Who has the keys to the universe?

Humanity is at a moment in human history where a very high level of technology and computation exists which is a direct result of that unique human trait to intellectualize reality and manipulate matter and appears to be going where there may not exist any natural counter balancing modulators. What comes after that point?

It will either make a segment of humanity very, very powerful and physically eternal? Or it will make humanity very, very weak and humanities demise is soon the be visited upon us all? I am not certain.

Human beings have the ability to intellectually sever the connection between the two and can come to believe that they exist apart and removed from their biological / DNA foundation.

An illustration of my point: Watch this Jordan Petterson panel discussion that clearly illustrates my decades old observation and realization. This observation runs into politics and every corner of human existence (that means you). In the short video Objective facts and clear data is revealed by Mr. Petterson and his opposition essentially dismisses the Objective facts and data revealed by several credible research papers sited regarding the clear choices men and women naturally make. And what his opposition Subjectively desires it all to mean.

Jordon Petterson humbles woman who says that men and women are not equal yet: 9 min.

Men and women will NEVER be equal, the two serve very different essential purposes as indicated by their biological / DNA programming. And in order for human beings, primarily in the Western world to actually make men and women equal as is imagined by the more Liberal minded among us then men will have to be feminized, constrained and oppressed in order for their core differences with women to be made less overt and more similar. And we can all clearly observe that intellectualized effort, primarily in politics and education today in America.

And to be sure there is a segment of humanity that exists in the more Liberal Western world civilization that is hell bent on in some way shape or form to accomplish this intellectualized equalization between men and woman.

Unfortunately, there are other dominating, violent and aspirational forces on planet earth that are more connected to their base biological / DNA foundation that see this kind of intellectualization as the weakness that it is. And you never want to transmit to an enemy your fundamental structural weakness. NEVER.

Examples of the intellectualization of human existence: D.E.I. policies, Trans men in women's sports, required pronouns, the feminization of the American military, the "Destroy the Patriarchy" mantra, the embracing of a Godless humanity, the Marxist based indoctrination in schools and universities, most everything in media, the self-absorbed Kardashians, politics. Etc., etc. you see these aspirational human intellectualizations being revealed every day. All in an effort to grow humanity farther and farther and more disconnected from its primary foundation.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/7/24

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