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Updated: Aug 25

Remember Michale Moore and his prophetic show where he laid out the American political zeitgeist during the 2016 presidential race?

Remind yourself, this is Mr. Moore's view into the psychology of the American people and the future: "The American Molotov Cocktail" / Billy Bob Blow speech. Very prescient, brilliant really.

Remember, Michael Moore, 2016: 5:42

And who today may well be the next *NEW* and prophetic Michael Moore? Is this Mr. Moore's Billy Bob Blow taking the stage? Is this a massive American political / cultural indicator?

Unprecedented, #1 one on the Billboard hot 100, 30 million + views: Oliver Anthony surges to GLOBAL NUMBER ONE on Apple Music as overnight sensation's stirring lament for America 'Rich Men North of Richmond' dominates airwaves | Daily Mail Online

And I have not heard Mr. Anthony express any specific political views or opinions as to where he sees the solution for the moving themes in his songs. But I have to assume that it is not hitched to an even more Socialist and more intrusive and destructive government meddling and controlling American lives. I do however know he has rejected an $8 million dollar music industry contract. That is not what he is apparently about, at the moment anyway.

Uh oh Democrats and RINO's, has Billy Bob Blow taken the stage?

Oliver Anthony talks about his life: 9:27

Oliver Anthony, the song: Rich Men North Of Richmond: 3:10

And what is right now underway in America? The political party / parties that opposes most of the American people and their freedoms and Rights and seeks authoritarian globalist rule over them all are in the process of indicting, arresting and prosecuting that by a long shot one opposing candidate that Michael Moore was so prophetic about in 2016.

I must now assume that these political warriors of the radical Left are attempting to force the emergence of violence of some sort in order to further the existential "Threat to Democracy" narrative. If anything is promoted as being "existential" whether it is so or not in reality, then you are allowed to do whatever is necessary in defeating and making it unable to do so. ANYTHING, including destroying the Constitution. "Climate Change" is a similar subject and related motivator for the radical Left that can justify anything.

We are all witness to political warfare in America of the first and most desperate order, prepare for extremes because this level of political power and say which way the country and the world go is an all-out battle. Stand by because it is going to get even more Fuglier.

But it must happen, no way around, over or under it, so we have to go through it.

Like I said, stand by.

Are you paying attention yet America? I hope so. JGL 8/22/23

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