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What is being missed and overlooked in the conversation about American politics?


And the agenda comes directly from the U.N. in the form of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

It's all about statistics and compliance to those who interpret the statistics:  6 min.

And these agendas germinate and are manifest today at the threat of gutting the United States and its sovereignty from the Globalist / One World Government musings of the likes of President George Bush sr. AND the likes of Nancy Pelosi.

1992, Nancy Pelosi Via the George Bush sr. presidency begins the delivery of America and its Constitution to "The Agendas":  1 min. 52 sec.

Nancy Pelosi, the take no prisoners ruthless Amazon political warrior. Recognize her for what she is, you have to respect her as a political opponent.

And this in my opinion is what founds and justifies the intense drive by the now radical and increasingly authoritarian, desperate Democrat party machine that MUST stop the disruptive to the statistics and the world agenda presidency of another Donald J. Trump presidency.

This is the exact reason that Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House has green lighted and driven the extreme politics and lawfare at all costs in America. Her tearing up of the D.J. trump State of the Union speech was an iconic declaration of political warfare representation of my point here.

Hillary was supposed to deliver us all to these Socialist utopian agendas of the authoritarian, do as you are instructed, get yourself injected Left in America and the world. And who ran that "next in line" royal political installment off the rails? D.J. Trump and the MAGA patriots in America, who may not be able to fully identify and verbalize the cause of the political chaos strategy in America. But they intuitively know that it is wrong and is an existential threat to us all.

Did you ever ask yourself: Self, why is this one man such an extreme and intense issue for the Democrats and the RINO's? There is only one reason.

Before you can transform America first you must break it down and raze what is in order to build what in some radical now Leftist Democrats and RINO Republican opinions must be. And I say, NO THANK YOU!

And NOTHING of substance can result from these Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 efforts until America is made compliant which requires the Constitution to be made subservient to the statistics and the agendas. And that in a nutshell is what we are all living through right now in American politics.

Government and those who become politically empowered and inhabit it have never told you the truth. That is not the business they are in.

The strong and ruthless members of the Democrat party and the weak go along to get along profit margin RINO's are in the process of delivering America to the authority of OTHERS.

What do you have to say about that?

Are you paying attention yet America?  JGL 5/8/24

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