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In their need for damaging explosive !*NEWS *! to report and in their desperation to muddy up their main competition for the control over the presidency the Biden / Harris campaign and the perverted news media immediately call Trump a "Dictator on day one". Be afraid!

Hannity: 'You are promising America tonight you would never abuse power as retribution?'

Trump: "Except for day one", after he closes the border and once again directs America to "drill, drill, drill" referring to reopening the fossile fuel industries that president Biden has "From day one" endeavored to close and further diminish America.

So after those two "Abuses Of Power", closing the now wide open border which is flooding the country with illegals, and opening Americas ability to produce energy which was closed down by the Biden administration, those will be extent of President Trumps abuses of power.

I fully support those two "Abuses Of Power", what about you?

Supporting this most recent SIGMA3iOC post on the subject of words V actions, controlling context and psychological manipulation: CONCERNED ABOUT TRUMPS WORDS (

Painting THEIR picture in your brain is the end goal of all politics and the now clearly partisan media. It is all a psyops. And once you understand that fact NO ONE can manipulate you!

Some might call it, Gas Lighting.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/6/23

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