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"Former President Donald Trump returned to Twitter for the first time in two years following his surrender to the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday."

The lines and the sides have been determined and the leadership and the generals that will prosecute the war have been chosen. Why? Because they all three fundamentally understand that if they do not do what must be done it is all over. It is all or nothing.

Trump, who has been criminally indicted essentially for political speech, by radical political operatives within government (D) is interviewed by Tucker, the number one most credible media man in America today. AND Trump now has aligned with and has "Tweeted" on Elon Musks *X*. Which is something that Trump refused to do for obvious reasons to me having to do with being censored and banned on Twitter for political reasons (D) by the previous social media management. Until Musk bought it!

The strongest truly American oriented political leader in modern political history, is aligned with the number one most credible media personality. AND he is aligned with the richest man on the planet who paid $44 billion dollars for the social media platform that was censoring both Trump and anyone else who did not tow the "politically correct" political / government narrative (D).

And all three understand and are focused on restoring the Constitution as intended and the objective freedoms, law and justice that it guarantees. Hmmmmm.

Larger than life men, taking care of business, doing larger than life things.


Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/25/23

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They must all hang together on this or, well, you know the rest.

Apologies to Ben.

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