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Updated: Apr 5

What happened to the Democrat party? When did they become full balls to the wall radical Leftist political desperados dominated by the desire to fundamentally destroy America?

Joe Biden "Surge the border": 13 sec.

Soon, you as an American will have to sort all of this out. You will have to choose between the two ideologies whether you personally like someone or not. You will have to choose the future of the country.

Are we a nation of Objective laws? OR are we a nation of Subjective authoritarian radical, racist, compelled and mandated behavior rule?

If you as an American are unable to see through the political fog of deception, misdirection and emotional manipulation then what?

This should not be as difficult as what its being portrayed as being. You want "Change"? If you cannot figure this out there will be change, lots of change. Change in how and where you are required to live, change in what you are allowed to see and speak, change in how you will be required to behave, and just change in your pocket. You will be controlled Black, White, Brown or whatever.

Change does not mean reverting to what was, nor does it mean that you be required to jump out a window. To change is to evolve and move positively into the future in a sane and rational not radical manner.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/4/24

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