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Coming to America? Hell, its here!

In the coming years in America the Leftists within our own country and government who wether they realize it or not are being manipulated and controlled by those who seek Global dominance. And they again whether they realize it or not have become promoters and faciliatators of un and anti America agendas and will have become the greatest threat to you, your family and your ability to earn and live a free life.

Your entire life according to these "progressives" now un and anti Americans who "know better" will be regulated. From what you can see, what you can say, what you can hear, what you must have injected into your body, what you must eat, to where you are allowed to live, to what you are allowed to drive. You can see it all right now being set up if you are paying attention over and above the fear, violence, racism, chaos and confusion that these radical leftist operators within are purposefully fostering.

Speaker Mike Johnson: "They want to transmit the message". "They" want you to live in fear and allow "Them" to operate unopposed:

And in addition if a certain political candidate who identifies with a more Conservative and pro American pro Constitutional interest agenda prevails in the coming presidential election then what you have seen in previous years regarding looting, fear, violence, chaos and confusion and protest will become rampant in the country. It is a tool of persuation.

That is of course assuming that that election of that more Conservative, pro American, pro Constitutional candidate is ALLOWED to prevail. That still remains to be seen. As you can plainly witness the radical Left in the interests of the Globalist agenda will do ANYTHING necessary up to and including murder IMO to accomplish their assigned task, take over America.

Have no doubt about it, which ever political party you happen to emotionally identify with you are being psychologically manipulated and used. Used by those who seek the diminishing of the America that you know and understand to be the "Worst" system of governance, except for all other systems of governance.

To my point, all of president Biden's questions are pre structured, screend and set up with the media. This is truly where Democracy dies when an alleged journalist participates in such a scheme: Bing Videos

Remember the now famous and honest words of former CIA Director, William Casey: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.".

What may have to be the eventual sytematic temporary solution to save the country as the radical Left within and the RINO's who seek to further deliver America to the Globalist agenda further drain the country's resouces and foament fear and chaos? Think the BLM "protests" X's 10.

Martial Law: Military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law. Or something close to it.

Always remember: "Trust not what ANY politician says, EVER! Trust ONLY what they do".

Are you paying attention yet America? This is not a dress rehersal. JGL 11/16/23

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