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“I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I care deeply about the Constitution. I care deeply about preserving the rule of law, and we’re seeing it being frittered away for partisan political purposes,” said Alan Dershowitz.

Georgia is where political warfare must be fought and won.

What we are witness to today in our American politics where the legal and justice system is being weaponized against one party's greatest threat to their what can only be characterized as growing authoritarian rule policies and mandates.

ALL of the charges launched against the Democrat party machines prime political enemy are ALL desperate moves ALL designed in the end to destroy the Constitution and in the end run your and your family's freedom and lives forever. The exact opposite of the intent of the Constitution.

Candidates in political contests contesting questionable elections is their duty and that process is called politics. And when one political party in their desperation, in their ideological un and anti-American beliefs turn politics no matter how contentious into a criminal offence is an offence to every American and if allowed to continue portends doom for America and the world.

(For example: "The Muskegon Cover-Up: Gateway Pundit Investigators Visit Registration Fraud Epicenter and Find FBI Has Stalled Investigation and Silenced Officials, No Prosecutions in 3 Years".

Prosecutions of voter fraud schemes in primarily Democrat party-controlled districts throughout the country were not in line apparently with the political agenda that desperately needed to discredit Trump and his (also my) concerns about the many places where cheating both legal and illegal was plainly underway during the 2020 presidential election. If not for cheating both legal and illegal there is one political party in America that would rarely be politically empowered. They have to do it, and they are very good at it.)

The problem with these kind of blanket fabricated offences to the Constitution our legal system and justice, freedom of speech and freedom of choice is it becomes a double-edged sword where those charged will be able to bring into the court and reveal to all the many irregularities and plainly corrupt actions in Georgia and the country. (If the judge allows them to actually defend themselves that is.)

ALL of these cases against political freedom and our American system will in total be found to be unconstitutional and will be reversed in the appeals process. But that end result and the defeat of these desperate charges is not the point.

What is the point? Strategically remove from future political contention for president the main contender who threatens the now plain to see desperate politically driven at any cost political warriors of the Democrat party machine and their agenda. They have transformed themselves in their political desperation into un and anti-Americans. Which is the ultimate nature of these kinds of subjectively based political movements and ideologies. All subjectively based political movements can result only in one thing, authoritarian rule. Socialism in other words. America is not Socialist.

What does the American Constitution first structure? Political warfare. And so let the battle take place and, in that process, reveal to the people some degree of truth so they can determine the direction of THEIR country.

Politicians and those who support and protect them in their political tribes are not required to tell the truth to the public, that is not their job. Their job is to win, dominate and lead. And that false expectation of politicians telling the truth and living within certain parameters of good behavior is a misunderstanding by those in the Pedestrian Realm who believe that they are required to tell them the truth. The Constitution is however structured to over time reveal what those who are politically empowered by the people are trying to hide.

What is the truth? Understand better what is going on here: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

Let the political warfare rage because in the end we will all over time find the truth and our direction. Lawyers, Courts and Money is how Americans fight political warfare.

The question remains however, can you handle the truth?

PS: Remembering of course, there are no guarantees. The only solution? YOU!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/15/23

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