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Updated: Aug 11

Pfizer executive, Australia: "No one was forced to get the vaccine".

(And Joe Biden never spoke with his son Hunter about his "business", even when he flew on Airforce 2 to China with him and came home with a $1 billion dollar hedge fund "investment" from the CCP. Or Burisma. Now that is a more better reality, no?)

Pfizer claims no one was forced to get the Jab - YouTube

A new more better reality all in 58 seconds.

Pure brute force Strategy, no Morality. And its right in your face. YOU are crazy, not them.

I must have missed this more better reality because the reality that I observed all around me for going on 3 years was people being terrified and mis informed by their government, big pharma and big tech social media, denied free speech and proven drug therapies and were told plainly that if they did not get the experimental mRNA "vaccine" jab they were to lose their jobs! Is it me?


Are you beginning to understand? How stupid are we all required to be? Pretty damn stupid apparently. Funny, my mother did not raise me to be stupid, how about yours?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/8/23

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