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Updated: Jan 2

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World", an appropriate song choice for this exclusive TESLA EV involved 2023 show of how robots can on a central command work in unison. But what are the overarching implications of this very impressive demonstration? "We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto".

Think about what you are seeing.

World Record Tesla Light Show In Finland - Incredible 687 Cars! 4:36

If absolute control of 687 electric autos at the touch of a screen can be simultaneously synchronized via the internet, then what implications does that absolute control indicate for that ability's future potential? The potential of either corporate or government or some combination of the two? And we can see that too close and concerning association between government and those in the corporate world growing and growing. I think that too close association between the two is technically called a Fascistic model of operation.

Whomever controls the chips controls the world! Voluntarily or involuntarily. And might there be an included backdoor access feature at some level that allows tracking and or "emergency" (who's emergency?) overriding control by some entity? I might reasonably assume so or assume it could be facilitated. (Let us not be naive.)

Is this one of your crazy irony heads up joke warnings God? Because I know how much you like irony. Good one.

Everything, especially today based in advanced chip and internet-based technology, from your phone to your computer, and now to your auto is a very sharp double-edged sword.

And it can cut just as swiftly and silently for the good as it can for the bad before you even realize it.

Stand by America, stand by humanity. Who will say no?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/1/24

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