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Let's give the perversion, corruption and mind manipulation psyops of American politics and their handmaidens in their radical "progressive" media a rest for at least one day. Today let's take a look at the rewards of absolute subjective "progressive" authoritarian power in China via the current CCP flavor of political power and the manipulation of humanity in the pursuit of absolute political power and world dominance.

These are two worthwhile video's that will give you a real world look and assessment of the desperation and the results of such paranoid and subjective authoritarian aspirations. This subjective CCP authoritarian model is the exact model that the World Economic Forum, the U.N., the likes of Geroge Soros and the Democrat party machine in America are hell bent on delivering to the entire world I.E. you and your family.

Remember, as per the likes of Klause Schwab and the WEF: "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy". To say nothing of your ability to live freely, have self-determination and anything resembling Rights as are structured by the Objective attempt at governance theory as per the American Constitution.

No longer a secret: WEF founder Klaus Schwab, globalist billionaire George Soros declare West must govern like ‘role model’ China –

Joe Rogan On Why China Can Not Invade Taiwan!: 7:55 min.

China Now Painting Pigs Black -Why: 9:45 min.

Did you paint your pig today America? Because like it or not those of you seeking radical "progressive" change will for certain deliver you too to having to "paint your pig" in the *NEW* Subjective authoritarian America that the now radical Democrat party Globalist machine sees as being your future under their absolute control.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/26/23

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