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If you are a knee jerk Democrat. If you are a mindless supporter of former President Barak Hussein Obama who has amazingly attempted to create a moral equivalency between the existence of Israel and the inhumane and diabolical actions of murderous and blood thirsty terrorists. If you believe that the Joe Biden administration (D) is directing America in the proper American interest direction and will continue to support such with your vote. If you identify as a "progressive" Democrat Socilaist as the likes of A.O.C and the squad do. If you are either a Christian or an adherent of an Eastern based religion that can not objectively look at the offences to morality and humanity and the brutal and planned barbarism that was so intentionally purpetrated on October 7th which was intentionally recorded for PR purposes.

If you can see yourself in any of the above then you are by definition "progressive" and "woke". And I do not care about how Conservative or moral you think you are. You are a supporter not only of the destruction of Israel but you are also now a defacto supporter of the fundamental destruction of your own country and what makes it worthwhile and Objectively free. You are officially a defacto Godless, ice cold Globalist authoritarian in waiting. You can now Subjectively justify ANYTHING.

And as you read this you will insist: No, no it is YOU that is wrong and is immoral! And you will of course be fooled and mistaken. Fooled by an emotional argument that is proposed by radical religious groups that have highjacked your morality much like the Democrat party machine has highjacked your political party and your morality. And your common sense in many instances. You have been highjacked by professional Communist / Marxist based propagandists. You now exist in 180 degree opposition to your own and your country's Pedestrian Realm morality and fundamental Right to exist and self your interests. There is no reconciling these two opposing philosophies.


The enemy is now within Western civilization and the enemy has been strategically invited within by the Left (D) in pursuit of absolute authoritarian political power and they are using the American Constitution and your own Pedestrian Realm morality as a weapon against itself.

Understand what is actually going on and how you are being utilized:

This is all about political power and who gets to control it and dominate, not morality.

You dissagree with my assessment? Tell me all about it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 11/14/23

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