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GET TRUMP! (at any cost!)

Gateway: "Nineteen retired generals, admirals, and former top civilian defense officials have filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, opposing former President Donald Trump’s plea for immunity from prosecution, claiming that granting such a request would pose a significant threat to national security."

There is an absolute tendency over time regarding government. Those who inhabit government, and the power that they come to possess and wield, is much like a parasite or a cancer. And you and your freedom are the host!

Any and all presidents, no matter their political affiliation who become politically empowered within the structure of the Constitution MUST have immunity from prosecution for any civil, military OR political act that comes within the scope their office. That is what the Constitution very specifically structures and anyone who seeks to deny that fundamental structure is acting in the Subjective interests of a political party and NOT in the interests of the people, their fundamental freedoms, their prosperity and the country.

Trump, president at the time, genuinely saw perversion and corruption within the election systems through much of the country. And he was denied his due process. And many saw the same and were also denied their due process by the courts.

These 19 self-interested generals and admirals or politicians who oppose a second Trump presidency are your enemy, they are not acting in your and the country's interests. It is all about power, control and THEIR retention of it. And you as a citizen of the American experiment in Objective law and justice MUST understand this.

Those within America who are pushing these legal cases in courts and letters of recommendations to the Supreme Court are acting as I have described, in their and their political association self-interests. Let's look at some real-world evidence that supports my theory:

These 51 U.S. intelligence officers LIED in their official capacity in the last presidential election and were clearly acting in pursuit of their self-interests, political power and control. And these 19 generals, admirals and all the rest are doing the exact same thing. And you are supposed to trust them.

If and when after all of these tests of the concepts that have been brilliantly formulated by those who did the structuring some 248 years ago who knew best about what they endeavored to accomplish is rendered moot and hollow? Then your, mine and their country, is OVER! Make no mistake about it.

All of these forced and fabricated court cases you see before you, from New York, to Washington, to Georgia and back to New York are just political tools and weapons of the state being utilized in an attempt to retain its power and self-interests in the name of one political party. Exactly what the Constitution is structured to counterbalance.

These are all legal tests of the fundamental structure of the Constitution. This is our system; this is our process.

And if the Supreme Court chooses to surrender their sworn Objectivity to the words, concepts and intent of the Constitution in regard to a president, any president, and their immunity while executing their interpretation of their sworn fiduciary responsibilities, it is all over. And it does not matter whether you hate Trump with every fiber of your being. That is your personal and Subjective perspective and is irrelevant.

You are an extreme political partisan in one of the political parties? Well, you had better take a step back and away from the political chaos, perversion, corruption and the battle so you can Objectively understand what in fact is underway.

This is our system; this is our process, by design. And it is essential that you properly understand it. No matter how much you personally despise any particular politician. The system is more important than any individual or political party.

There are two conversations ongoing in American politics, and you are not meant to be a part of one of them. Make sure you are a part of the conversation.

William J. Casey, CIA director, February of 1981, at a meeting in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

Get Trump at any cost? Now you know if America is to remain relevant in the world and your freedom is to remain who the next president must be. His leadership is the counterbalance, that is what those who seek absolute power and control are telling you. The man himself is just one man.

He however is the symbol that those who seek absolute power and control fear the most. And so, it must be.

The alternative would just allow the massive perversion and corruption you can plainly see by the evidence to grow even greater. And then where will your country be?

Are you paying attention yet America? I sure hope so. JGL 4/9/24

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Apr 09
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Donald Trump is a significant threat, OK--not to national security, but to the leeches who have lied our country into futile and non-essential wars, and who are responsible for senseless deaths from Benghazi to Afghanistan, just to name two most recent disgraces. No one has ever been brought to justice for the carnage they've caused. You are right that our system is constructed to prevent what is happening. But will it work? John Adams said, "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

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Stand by.

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