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"Megan Rapinoe says injury during championship game is ‘proof’ God doesn’t exist"

I interpret this event as an indicator that there may well in fact be a God.

Megan Rapinoe says championship injury 'proof' there isn't a God (

“Everyone is always like, ‘Who kicked me?’ And obviously, no one was even around me, and I was pressing,” Rapinoe said when describing the injury via The Seattle Times. “That’s what it felt like. Just a huge pop and I can’t even feel where the Achilles is, but pretty sure I tore my Achilles. The worst possible outcome.”.

It is funny how different people can interpret an event in 180 degree opposition.

The symbolism of the last game of your "progressive" career and you are essentially alone on the field that you built your entire life on and your body and maybe "others" send you a message, is not lost on me anyway.

The lesson IMO? Be humble.

What ever the true answer is, I suspect we will all in due time know the truth of the matter.

What do you think?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 11/13/23

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