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Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I think we can all now agree if this story in Politico below is so about what the American government and its "experts" will now begin to investigate doing, dimming the sun. I think that we can now reliably count on a cooling of the planet earth's atmosphere and a full-blown ice age is soon to begin. Or something much, much worse.

Why? Because in our government up is down, good is bad and right is wrong so the more likely thing to happen is exactly opposite of what they propose. The earth is warming due to human activity as per the government and their experts? Get ready for an ice age to begin, soon.

Instead of incentivizing or disincentivizing through taxation, which would take some degree of agreement between the executive and the legislative branches of government our current government attempts to force everything on their political agenda. Like it or not.

From what the climate MUST do, to who you MUST love, to what drug you MUST take, to what your children MUST be taught. And that desperation while this particular administration is in political power is fundamentally un and anti-American. They attempt to dictate instead of convincing, it is just more expedient, it serves THEIR Orwellian self-interests better. Who has time to sell a new vision for the country and your self-determination and what is best for you? Much better to jam it down your throat. And their desperation based on that particular force it down your throat philosophy is well founded. Time is ticking.

Tell me: What is the last piece of intelligence, direction or information that emerged from this or any American government that you found to be even partially true or accurate? You think about that, I'll wait. Tell me your answer in the comments.

Remember, as per S.O.M., the politically empowered politician's responsibility within the entity government is NOT to tell you the truth. The entity government and those politically empowered within it are only ultimately about the further acquisition of or retention of political power. Which is not to say that there are not good and honest people within government, there are, but those are two different things entirely.

Rationally talk to me about cleaning up actual pollution, chemicals and particulate in the air, water and the general environment and rounding up the random plastics and other environmental pollutants. That is reasonable, and I fully 100% support that.

There will be change on planet earth and within its atmosphere, it is a law of the universe. But when your government and what they describe as an effort to counter what they describe as an existential threat, all and every one of your rights and freedoms are at risk! That too is an absolute.

The proof? While America who by the way is among the cleanest industrial economies on the planet, our government further economically incentivizes and empowers economies that are among the most aggressive and least clean and most polluting and are building coal and oil fired power plants every week of the year. If those within our government were serious on an existential level, there would be significant consequences and disincentives for such countries and appropriate actions would be taken to incentivize them cleaning up their industry. But there is no such thing going on because we have poor and weak leadership who's only prime concern is the further acquisition and retention of their short-term political power and control based in a Globalist agenda being fulfilled. Hence their desperation they know their time ticks away.

To my point: Do you really think it strategically wise for our top politically appointed government agency operative heads to be going TO China? I do not! Shouldn't China be sending their representatives TO America? Once again, this administration (D) has things ass backwards and appears to be appeasing and delivering the deliverables to their masters and $uperiors: Treasury Secretary to talk finance with officials in Beijing (

And what is China doing?: "China has implemented export limits on two metals utilized in the manufacturing of computer chips and other valuable technological devices, according to an announcement by the country’s Ministry of Commerce on Monday." Get it?

You think it's me?

Mark Twain: "Our lives, our liberty, and our property are never in greater danger than when Congress is in session.". If you do not understand this than its, YOU, not me!

Speaking of which, Communist China who by their own words seeks to dominate the planet, is very aggressive and seeks to usurp and destroy America as founded is heading that list. And that is really the more important issue here and NOT "climate change" and a government program to SPRAY AND DISPERSE massive amounts of chemicals, particulate and who knows what else INTO the atmosphere in an effort to block the sun and control the earth's temperature! What could go wrong? Does that really make sense to you?

That is like government fighting racism with more racism, no? Sound familiar?

And the government and their "experts" have not one idea about what the net short- or long-term effects of such extreme intrusive meddling within the earth's atmosphere will in fact do to it. NOT ONE IDEA, and they really do not care about it or you as they are representing themselves to care.

Not good, in my opinion anyway. JGL 7/2/23

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