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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Yes, its new zoning in New York City that will solve the problem that the now radical Democrat party machine has strategically caused. And NOT closing and controlling the border that has been held wide open and an open invitation to the world issued by the president himself in order to fulfill the now radical Democrat party machine strategy of political dominance. An invasion with a purpose, a form of treason for sure IMO.

And therefore, logic would indicate that it is not a problem, it is a process.

The now radical Democrat party machine is in the PROCESS of flooding the country with illegals from all over the world in order that they further acquire and retain their political power in America in perpetuity. In the furtherance of what? A Subjective authoritarian do as you are directed, see what you are allowed to see, hear what you are allowed to hear, say what you are allowed to say model of governance based essentially in Socialism and philosophical Marxism.

Does that upset you America? Well, that is what it is, and it is right in your face.

You are witness to the "Fundamental Transformation of America" as stated by former president Barak Hussein Obama. Remember the Biden administration is but an extension of the Obama administration.

So, all of the hubbub that the easily replaceable place holder Democrat party sacrificial lamb facade mayor of New York City is always chattering about is essentially just diversionary noise. As he, by his direct invitation, and New York City is ground zero for the organized invasion of your country by illegal aliens that you are being forced to pay for. You are paying for their housing, their food, their healthcare and their children's education. You name it and you are forced through taxation to pay for it, and you will be happy about it.

Remember, politics is not about truth or morality, politics is about strategy and the continued acquisition and retention of power. This is what you are witness to: MY POLITICAL LENS: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

And the next demand based on "compassion"? These new "Dreamers" must all get work permits. And then what? Then they must be made legal, and they must be empowered to vote. The radical Democrats have been setting this up for many years with mail in voting, ranked choice voting, controlling the vote counting machines and process in major cities, street money paid to operatives to collect ballots, $400 + million Zuckerberg drop boxes etc. etc. Remember it's the process that gets the desired results.

Keeping in mind that I and probably you are fully in support of immigration to America. LEGAL immigration to America. This is very different though.

Now what do you think about that? And especially what do you think about that, and you are a reasonable American Democrat who feels they have no other choice but to support the illegal invasion of your country engineered by a now radical political party that is actively destroying your country in order to attain their authoritarian agenda? Legal immigrants built America, and now illegal immigrants are being used by radical political operatives in the now radical Democrat party in order to tear down what legal immigrants once built. What irony, no?

In my opinion the now radical Democrat party machine's nationwide brand of cheating is strategically brilliant if you step back and look at it based only in the effective strategy that the radical Democrat party has been able to execute. They work hard at it, you must give the devil his due. And understand the Democrat party would win few political contests without it.

And as always, remember as per the authoritarian World Economic Forum and the U.N. "Climate Change" masters who the radical authoritarian Democrats are closely aligned with:

"In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy".

Are you getting comfortable with that thought? Well, if you keep on doing what you have been doing you will without doubt be getting comfortable with that exact *NEW* and *More Better* way of life.

Remember, it's a PROCESS not a PROBLEM. You just keep telling yourself that and do as you are told, and everything will be all right. (NOT)

The now radical Democrat party and their authoritarian agenda of control a problem? No, no this is a process, and you are right in the middle of it. Enjoy the journey.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/21/23

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24 sept 2023
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