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Updated: Mar 7

The Liberal and even Leftist thought process is luxury thought process. What the heck does that mean?

The Liberal and even the Leftist will justify their positions based on concepts of morality, fairness and equity. And those are all base emotional hot button political issues of propaganda manipulation. Keeping in mind we are all being manipulated in one way or another.

But those on the Left are unable to substantively justify their thought process. Because none of those who propose such a position recognize one simple thing. And they either refuse to or they are unaware of this one simple thing.

Liberal thought process and the resulting extreme radical Left thought process that must naturally result from it are as a rule segmented and disjointed in their thinking. They are much like an untethered balloon on a windy day and can be blown wherever the wind pleases.

Like I have stated previously but may not have been as clear as I needed to be: Liberal and the resulting Leftist thought process is the result of the luxury and personal freedom that is provided by others. Provided by those who think fully, contiguously and clearly about actions and consequences and take care of business and provide that luxury and freedom of thought TO the Left.

The Left in America is provided their freedom to act as they please by others.

Liberal and Leftist thought process and its justification to exist and acquire and wield political power does not preexist that luxury and freedom, it is a result of it. Liberal and Leftist thought process and justification does not exist otherwise. And if it did there would only be authoritarian rule and force. Freedom can never be the result of the existence of Leftist thought process and rule. Never.

In order to develop a rational fully connected and contiguous justification for your Liberal and even Leftist political argument you must first recognize that someone other than you got down and did the dirty work and shed their blood and freed you so that you could think in such a luxurious manner. Liberalism and Leftism does not naturally exist.

Think about that for a few minutes before you throw a fit and have a political mental melt down.

What does this mean if you refuse to recognize these truths about where the luxury of thought and freedom to think in the terms that you choose to think if you are a Liberal or even a Leftist? You will always be stuck in that disjointed, segmented, juvenile unjustifiable nonreality logic loop where what you propose stands upon quicksand and not upon solid bedrock.

And the only way for you to install your luxury of thought and version of "freedom" is by becoming an absolute authoritarian and you must use force to have the reality you propose. And that is fundamentally contrary and counter to the theory of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Constitution is much, much bigger and much more consequential than what you realize. Politically disregard and disrespect it as an individual at your peril.

They both, the Liberal and the radical Leftist thinker must stand on the shoulders of Others. The shoulders of those clear, contiguous and connected thinkers who have spilt their blood that has provided the Left with their freedom so that they may think and act in such luxurious, counter intuitive, even parasitic and destructive terms. And they will insist it is their right even their moral responsibility to do so.

That is my observation anyway.

Disagree? Tell me all about it, if you are able.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/4/24

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3월 04일
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"People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." Attributed to George Orwell.

One only has to imagine how long genuine pacifists (like the Amish) would exist if there weren't other people willing to protect them with our western laws, police, and military. I doubt that those who espouse liberal/luxury thought ever thought about it--they're too busy wrapping themselves in sanctimony.

PS: I'm not talking about the Amish or other really dedicated groups or people but about the Leftists/Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Democrats who loudly proclaim what superior people they are because of their so-called "compassion."

답글 상대:

OK, you get it. Self-delusion is the best delusion of all. Especially when the majority of those immersed within their own self-righteous, "compassionate" self-delusion have no idea that they are being manipulated by a minority who are their superiors.

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