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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

The Democrat party machine has their radical, obedient, "different kind of American", loyal soldiers and political zealot warriors. One more radical, obedient and loyal to the cause then the other, there is a theme here. Scroll down and see some of them.

And who paid for / contributed to, vetted that they were properly politically oriented and installed most all of them in office? And what is their apparent collective goal? Political revolution through Lawfare.

Lawfare: The use of legal action to cause problems for an opponent.

I include this short TikTok video by Matt Kim, from Fulton County GA, that IMO simply lays out what is what related to ALL of these raw political strategy driven indictments. Loyal to "another America" the radical Left political warriors are all focused on "Fundamentally Changing" America.

Crush, kill, destroy all previous established objective Constitutional law and justice in a desperate push to stop out their most threatening political opponent. And in the pursuit of some significant way shape or form to reshape America in a more "Fair" and "Equitable", "Progressive" manner (according to them anyway). Remember, there is a theme here.

Throw out the historical "old" and "out of date", colonial, Judeo / Christian, "oppressive" America and replace it with the "more better" subjective Socialist "new" America. And they are using their politically empowered positions within government in order to accomplish their agenda. They are choosing to short circuit the process by force and install their subjective flavor of law and justice. Using the system against itself in the short term. This is called an abuse of power and a perversion of your sworn fiduciary responsibilities. This IMO is evil.

Make of that what you will, it's all ultimately up to you in the long term and in the end. What will you do?

And the Republican party have their soldiers, zealots and political warriors, possibly not as radical and devoted to their cause and their party. But you fight the war with the weapons and soldiers you have. We wait.

How do we fight political warfare in America? Lawyers, Courts and Money!

Paying attention yet America? JGL 8/15/23

District Attorney Paul Howard, left, stands by the podium while prosecutor Fani Willis, center, speaks during a news conference following sentencing for 10 defendants convicted in the Atlanta Public Schools test-cheating tr...Show more Kent D. Johnson/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP, Pool

Bragg(Fox News)

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

Jack Smith

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