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Updated: Jan 9

The obvious political plan in play today is to flood the country with masses of illegals, refugees from Socialism and authoritarian oppression and permanent institutional poverty. Mostly young men looking for a better life than the one they were living. Who could blame them? I do not.

And this in America is but a component of an ongoing organized Globalist political agenda driven redistribution of populations around the world. And we will get into that later.

This is how you manufacture loyal future voters if you are a political party in power who essentially has nothing to offer. They must manufacture their future political support and control of political power.

Unfortunately, the stories below are now inevitable given the situation purposefully manufactured by the political party in power in order to further acquire and retain political power.

And this situation can only become more and more chaotic and violent and a threat to the citizens of our country. All done for political gain and control and an attempt to transform the country and further diminish it.

Then after they "win" the next election the political party in control of the border who at the moment is not funding any of the cities they have yoked with the burden of housing, medical care, overcrowded schools and providing them all with food to the tune of billions of dollar$ because none of them are legal and they cannot legally work.

And winning political contests in America today are very highly suspicious at the minimum, full of installed elements and impediments that weaken the reliability of the results. And then after the "win" the funds from Washington will flow and the push for work permits and or amnesty and legalizing them all will be forced. The issue right now? If the American people, the little people, you and me, see the federal government doing both now, they will reject the political party in power. So, those in power have to sit on the whole mess and wait it out until their political power is ensured.

But obviously when the people in the various cities plainly see their local tax money going to support all of these "future loyal voters" for one particular political party and their city services cut, displacing them from their high rent apartments in some cases. Displacing American veterans from their meager homes because the local government in political power will pay the landlords much more to take in the future loyal voters. Those "little people" become very, very unhappy with the current political party in power who has executed their very, very cynical immoral strategy to ensure their continued political power.

Will the little people reject the political subterfuge? Stand by: Black Chicagoans Move to Turn Liberal City Red ( Subterfuge: deceit used in order to achieve one's goal:

And it is winter now in North America and it is getting cooold and nasty out and many people are living rough and without shelter on the streets. This is not going to work out well, timing is everything in life and politics and you can only force your will for so long before time catches up with you.

Remember this from August 2023? FALL, THEN WINTER, THEN WHAT? (

And what is the real cause of this slow-motion political power grab train wreck?

Cynical and desperate political party authoritarian politics and a grab for absolute political power. When you have nothing but lies and nothing of substance to offer you become desperate and the little people pay the price. One way or another the little people pay the price for the ambitious political aspirations and schemes of those who are politically desperate and without substance.

This in a word is evil, but politics can be evil. Are you fully appreciating what those in power are doing? Are you confused about politics? You are uncomfortable with what you are seeing before you unfolding so you choose to not see it? You do not have the knowledge about politics to really understand what it is you are seeing?

The S.O.M. equation and theory of operation pretty much explains what is confusing you and this is counter to your everyday reality and common sense. But your reality is in many ways a narrow good life fantasy especially in America that is being used as a tool of manipulation against you.

I know, it hurts your brain to think that such things actually exist in this world, but here they are anyway, do not look away. You keep reading and sharing

Are you paying attention yet America? Because things are going to get very messy. JGL 1/7/24

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