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Updated: Sep 10, 2023

This is New York City mayor Eric Adams plainly and correctly stating that the illegal immigration invasion totally and entirely contrived and executed by the now radical Democrat party machine that emanates from Washington D.C. will destroy New York City.

And the mayor correctly observes and states: "This will destroy New York City".

But of course, the mayor of New York City, who is now a political sacrificial lamb hostage of sorts, spins the cause of this eminent destruction of New York City as being the result of a "Mad Man" in Texas. Referring to the governor of Texas, Greg Abbot who's border state is being forced to deal with an illegal invasion in the millions contrived by the now radical Democrat party machine in Washington D.C. in order to ultimately gain permanent control over all elections in the country and have them favor their party's control in perpetuity. It is that simple.

And of course, the continuing forced blending of populations worldwide which is the agenda of the "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy" Globalist oriented "progressive" / Socialist / U.N. / W.E.F. types who deeply desire the absolute domination and forced compliance of the entire population of the planet. Talk about big think aspirations!

Mayor Adams is but their major American city facilitator and political power place holder (See: Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein, John Fetterman) who must put up with this organized destruction of the premiere city on the planet. The fish rots from the head. Eric Adam's seems to have national political aspirations and he will either be rewarded for being an obedient radical political warfare soldier, or he will just be discarded. The latter is the more likely result IMO.

Democrat cities throughout the country have identified as "Sanctuary Cities" for the now millions of illegals that you are now forced to pay for and that is where they want to go. And so, the governor of Texas is just shipping as many of the people illegally entering the country directly incentivized and invited by the Democrat party president himself through his own words and actions to those self-identifying cities. Why is he complaining!?

And of course, keeping in mind that NONE of these people can legally work and the president or the Congress is not likely to change that status, at least not until after the next election that is. Too much potential rage at the ballot box for any Political Realm player to take action on legalizing their ability to legally work. And so, you will be required to continue to pay for it ALL, resulting anchor babies and all.

And no one here or most other places is against immigration, not for one second. But of course, only the legal kind where those who seek the American dream are properly vetted.

My point today? This is not your father's Liberal Democrat political party. That political party died long, long ago, it is extinct. And if you expect your fathers Liberal Democrat party to miraculously reemerge and save us all from the radical destruction then you are delusional and are a danger to yourself and others. This now clearly radical version of the Democrat party is an authoritarian version and your father if he was alive today would soundly reject them and find another way because they are in fact seeking to destroy the fundamentally fair Objectively founded America in order to reformulate America in their Subjective authoritarian model.

Radical Democrats and RINO Republicans, both are a danger to us all but in different ways.

The everyday rational American Democrat whose Liberal Democrat father of yester year would have no part of what is going on in today's Subjective authoritarian politics of the radical Democrats.

What will you do?

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/9/23

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