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Now before I begin let's face some realities, men and women have a different way of expressing themselves and accomplishing their jobs. And I accept that, and so I suggest that you also recognize that as a fact and be flexible (no pun intended) as you read and understand this story and my point.

The New York politician known as AOC (God, she is so cute :) a self-described "Democrat Socialist" which in the real world is just a coded term that means that she is a full-blown Socialist. She has a criticism and questions the necessity for the NYC police departments female dance crew.

She comments: “How many school music programs got defunded for this,” Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted Monday alongside a clip of the female cop dance group — which is not funded by taxpayer money.".

I might ask her: How many music and other education programs were defunded after she "Secured protective status for 500,000 Venezuelan" illegal immigrants? Many of which are now living in New York City free of charge with $1000.00 NYC supplied credit cards in their pockets and their food, healthcare, children's education and shelter paid for by the citizens of New York City? You know, as they await the amnesty and legal right to work that the next Democrat president is scheduled to supply in the form of an executive order that is. (And please, have patience, and for God's sake stop mugging, robbing, looting, shooting, cutting, stabbing, assaulting police and burglarizing, you are not making this easy. (What did the Democrats expect? They did not care, it served their strategic political takeover agenda.)

Estimated cost for the "Sanctuary City" / illegal immigrant "Democrat Socialist" invasion into NYC? $12 billion with a "B" dollars. You cannot have it both ways. You can however only if you are an American politician that is. And what happens if that amnesty and the ability to legally work in America are not delivered because of the anticipated political success? You think about that for a few minutes.

And to be fair the NYC Police Department as well as the Fire Department have their "hunky calendar's" and their football and baseball teams. And so, the females in the NYC Police Department whose numbers have been growing in their ranks has their dance crew. And you can argue the potential benefits and ridiculousness of all of it in relation to what their prime directives are regarding DOING THEIR ASSIGNED JOBS! That is what it is, good bad or otherwise.

Getting back to my point: I know and interact with many of the people who inhabit the Police Department, the Fire Department as well as those who are employed as teachers in NYC. And I find that NONE of them to a man and a woman have any confidence in their leadership as it relates their prime directive and DOING THEIR JOBS! That would be ZERO confidence and that ZERO confidence does not relate directly to their direct superiors, although their superiors clearly understand what is expected of them. Expected by their superiors in the policies that are the result of the now Leftist "progressive" politics and directives that have been installed and are in control in the state and the city of New York.

These are all good and hardworking people of all sexes, colors, sizes and creeds who for the most part are caught in the middle and they understand that these perverted political agendas are both a direct danger to the public and are a direct threat to them and their safety in the performance of their jobs.

And so, in my interpretation what does AOC (She is so cute. Sorry I can't help myself :) mean when she observes that the money being spent on the NYC Police Department big booty "dance crew" might better be spent on education? And remember I talk to and know many NYC teachers.

She means that that money could be better spent in further indoctrinating the children in the NYC education system to "Think Properly" I.E. Socialist regarding the "Collective". Because that is what the NYC education system has become based on my observations and my talking to those who inhabit that system.

Those New Yorkers who go to work every day and count their days one by one until they can retire. Because that is what that has become before they know it, they have traded sanity and ideals regarding teaching children for their generous pay and benefits package. We all make our choices and suffer the consequences thereof. Life is a trade off at times.

So, is there an issue with some chunky ladies shaking their booties and expressing themselves as the NYC police officer "dance crew" might like to do? Not the first thing that I think of if I need the assistance of a police officer. But that is me, what do you think? Do you agree with AOC?

My point? Concern for the children in the NYC education system is generally way, way down the line as far as concerns go. It's now about ensuring political power, money and indoctrination and children (and parents) "Thinking Correctly". And not necessarily about teaching children how to think independently as individuals. And then comes concern for the teacher's union and their political agenda, money and their leadership maintaining their political power and control. And maybe one or two levels down the line after that concern for the actual children is recognized. And this is the problem with such big and politically ambitious bureaucracies. Indoctrination and control over education.

The appropriateness of money for a female police dance crew V $12 billion dollars that NYC citizens must pay through taxation to have their country and city strategically invaded as a function of political warfare in the service of a Socialist agenda? Hmmm, now that is tricky.

But that really is what politics and political warfare is all about in America is about, irrational thought process and justification. And have no doubt we are all engaged in political warfare, that is the first thing that the Constitution structures. Buckle up, because there is a lot more coming.

So, what do you think?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 2/20/24

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was slammed for her criticism of a recent performance by the NYPD dance team. AFP via Getty Images

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Feb 21
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have to agree that Leftists are and always have been unable to defend their positions. Still, I do miss the "old days," when we could at least debate in a friendly manner--not because the other side was convincing, but because debating sharpened my own arguments and showed me where I might need more thought.

Replying to

No longer applicable, the radical Left has no need to lower themselves to debate with anyone. And that goes to my point, ALL Socialist models, which are Subjective in nature, are authoritarian. And they must devolve into using force in relation to those who dare resist their edicts into compliance.


Feb 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Certainly there are many differences between men and women, but in this kind of situation I find them remarkably alike. A number of years ago I had a long, intense debate with a 50-ish gentleman who was a dyed-in-the-wool liberal (as they were known back then), about the efficacy of our welfare system. After some time, he had to admit that welfare as we've known it since the 60's just hasn't worked. But when I suggested we stop throwing good money after bad, he said, "But we have to do something!" He was unable to imagine any other way to "do something" that would allow him to feel good about himself--he didn't even want to hear about it.

That gentleman…

Replying to

Extension: I have never, and I pretty much do this every day, had one Liberal / Leftist be able to defend their position in a rational and reasonable manner where I thought they properly and comprehensively supported their position. NEVER. It is always half assed and without real substance. NEVER.

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