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This chaos and violence is now ongoing in the Netherlands. The forced immigration into first world countries with second and third world countries that share little to no cultural, religious and political similarities is a crime. A crime fostered and implemented by a Liberal and now Leftist / Marxist / Socialist / Globalist based and aligned cadre of political operatives, politicians and social engineering billionaires. Political operatives and politicians who are either bought and sold or leveraged (blackmailed) by security agencies or associated "others" (Epstein) IMO. It is difficult for sanity to stand against insanity when you want to keep your well-paying and powerful job. True, strong, unafraid patriotic leadership is a rare animal.

So, it is either what I have just described or these individuals who are facilitating these crimes against civilization have gone as a group insane. Choose one. And we remember that as good as it may make some feel the Liberal / Leftist / Marxist / Socialist / Globalist based perspective is for the most part a mental illness. And the mentally ill are never the ones who are able to self-diagnose and correct themselves. They need to be confronted politically and beaten overwhelmingly at the ballot box. And that is now questionable because these IMO mentally ill operatives are for the most part in control of the election systems in the world. OR, they must be physically or metaphorically restrained and made to end their activities until they can be restored to sanity, if possible. But they should never be politically empowered to do as they please.

Keep in mind, Europe / the EU is a couple of years ahead of America in this forced illegal immigration agenda.

And the Leftist operatives working under the cloak of "Democracy" are just like all the rest of the authoritarians in history. They have acquired political power and are now forcing their views, laws, morality and mental illness upon all concerned. And that is the nature of the political power beast.

And so, what is it that we see now going on in America? The forced illegal immigration from all over the second and third world in the millions into America which has been turned into a welfare state. Now what do you suppose will happen if and when America installs a more Conservative America sovereignty interested political power operative of their own who does not agree with this Leftist forced illegal population immigration / integration?

Major cities in America are now filled primarily with millions of young and ambitious high testosterone illegal immigrant men and they are here for monetary gain. So, if and when their removal from the country because of the illegality, Anti American mental illness and destabilizing actions of the Leftist operatives (D / RINO) in political power becomes manifest, what do you suppose the result will be? And you thought that BLM and ANTIFA were violent?

From the real world: I spoke to a friend the other day and he told me about the last week and that his young son, I believe he is about 17 years old, was in the hospital. He is of Puerto Rican descent, a natural default Democrat, a good hardworking American man who is a good friend of mine. What happened? I asked.

"My son was in the Bronx and a Venezuelan gang member slashed him with a knife. My son almost died". These Venezuelan gangs and others now control some of the streets in New York City which has been prepped for their invasion by dialing down the effectiveness of the police through the "No jail no bail" "progressive" agenda. This is not by mistake, this is a strategic opportunity for the enemy within America, they have done their job.

Starts with "T" ends in "Eason".

Then he showed me a picture on his phone. I saw a young man's arm that had a slice across the inside of his elbow and down and across his forearm slicing the veins almost down to his wrist. He lost so much blood he blacked out and a street vendor put a torniquet around his arm and saved his life. The wound was massive.

He was so upset, I asked him what now? What are you going to do? And without hesitation the first thing that his mind went to? "I AM VOTING FOR TRUMP!". It is coming.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 2/18/24

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