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The real-world data is in regarding trans men in women's sports!

(Did you really need the real-world data? Of course not, your common sense told you what the result would be. But we are not talking about common sense, we are talking about politics.)

"It's not just a question of fair sportsmanship,' Mr. Ruddick said. 'It's also a question of physical safety for female players born female."

"There were huge winning margins in some games, with one trans player scoring six goals in a 10-0 victory."

"There's no transparency from Football NSW, the girls don't know if they are going to be playing biological males or not."

We recognize that there are people of all kinds of orientations in the world, and we genuinely wish them well. BUT an individual's differences does not mean that everyone else on planet earth must bow to those differences and throw common sense, safety, a sense of fairness and rational thought out the window. Reclassified biological boys and men have no business in female sports.

When "politically correct" and radical "transformational" politics becomes paramount over and above the development and safety of young girls and women and essentially sacrifices the majority of them that can only mean one thing. And you can fill in the rest.

Trans men in women's sports? SETTLED!

You disagree with my conclusion? Tell me all about it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/27/24

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