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Updated: Oct 9, 2023

The lines have been drawn and the radicals among the "progressive" Democrat party who in fact now are in absolute control of the party will not be crossed by their own operatives within their anti and un-American operation.

A former president has nothing to say immediately after a massive clear and deadly aggression against an American ally? And whether your sympathy is with one or the other in the conflict, just two former American presidents have no immediate comments? Now that says volumes to me.

What will you see? Probably a very carefully crafted ambiguous Globalist / WEF compliant statement? Bill Clinton is a more a middle ground but still "Clinton Foundation" internationally Globalist oriented ambitious Democrat. And Obama is clearly someone who stated not long ago while in power that he intended to "Fundamentally Transform America". And so here we are.

Once again, step back and see what the Biden / "progressive", radical, Democrat, Globalist, One World Government, America must lose by any means necessary strategy is all about in the big picture. Their political power window in America may be closing for them.

Time is now of the essence for this "Destroy America and save the planet" foolishness that they propose. First it was surrender Afghanistan and massively arming those who seek America and its ally's destruction and financially empower all who oppose America. Remove the threat that was the Bagram U.S. air base air base that threatened the CCP Chinese future plans and operations. Then it was destabilize the American economy by destroying its ability to produce and be energy independent including draining the strategic oil reserve. Then further cause racial disharmony and flood the country by opening the borders to millions of illegal immigrants from around the world which without doubt contain operatives of America's enemies. Now they are within if and when street soldiers are needed if and when the political power shifts and pressure is needed in the streets. Then use the legal, justice and court system as the ultimate political weapon to destroy anyone who would dare oppose the "progressive" Democrat, Globalist, "Great Reset" agenda where America is "equalized", stood down and made impotent. That is their stated agenda if you are ignorant and not aware of it.

And what has this projected weakness earned? War moves by the CCP Chinese, a war involving the ambitious and very aggressive Russians in Ukraine. And now an attack against Israel and their declaring war on Gaza and Hamas who are sponsored, directed and backed by Iran.

CCP Chinese...........The Russians..........and the Iranians all involved in warfare against America.

Israel has now been strategically forced into a massive military pushback that will be extremely destructive and deadly and will be vilified by the international Globalists who seek its destruction as well as Americas destruction. All potentials now exist, there are no coincidences here.

Who knew what, and when did they know it? These kinds if events happen for a reason:

So, what has the radical anti and un-American "progressive" Democrat Joe Biden Potemkin administration projected and accomplished? Weakness which has fostered and encouraged warfare on three fronts that America is obligated to support. Now all the CCP Chinese have to do in the coming weeks or months is? You tell me.

The radical "progressive" Left in the WEF, the U.N., CCP China, Russia, Iran and within America ALL benefit from what some might call standing down America and the treason that is apparently ongoing in the White House. Or is it just incompetence? It all adds up to one and not the other IMO. And you as an American think there are no consequences to elections and how you direct your vote?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/9/23

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