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Updated: Apr 15

Let's face it, if the dominant Democrat party powers that be nationally and locally are opposed to something, then that thing that they oppose must be what is best for America. As a general rule.

There is a vast disparity between a pristine ideological political model and how that pristine political ideology is expressed in reality.

A substantial segment of the Democrat party powers that be have become the un-American political party and what they propose must result in authoritarian rule and force. Sorry rational American Democrats and weak RINO Republicans, yours mine and our friends and neighbors political party has been highjacked. That is the stone-cold truth like it or not. Those in leadership within the Democrat party and some in the Republican party if we are to be honest who are weak and possibly controlled in some way shape or form are essentially Socialists and in that there is no alternative, there must be authoritarian rule and force.

Out of concern for their constituent's safety and Rights to a peaceful and prosperous existence in America and their core fiduciary responsibilities local governments are beginning to float alternative legal under the Constitution law enforcement scenarios. Alternative law enforcement scenarios where regular policing now hamstrung and neutered by a radical president nationally, and some radical governors, mayors, attorneys' generals, district attorneys and prosecutors locally must be buttressed and supplemented. With full immunity included as long as they act in a rational and judicious manner. And do not plainly abuse their power that is.

Just like the wild West.

Think Curis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels on steroids, with weapons and the authority to arrest and detain. Good men and women who will be trained out of necessity to deal with the lawless and violent individuals and organizations that are being fostered and incentivized by the un–American Democrat party in the furtherance of their agenda. You can plainly see it in the news and how the media amplifies the fear and insanity that tags the opposition with responsibility, or chooses to strategically ignore events all together.

And that is a military psyops strategy of disruption, misdirection, misinformation, chaos and violence for political gain and domination purposes. We are currently right now in a new civil war in other words.

And how do we know that this assessment is correct? The initial actions of Nassau County Executive, Bruce Blakeman. Bruce Blakeman is not on board with the destroy America ideology agenda and I must assume many if not most other local administrators and politically empowered politicians, sheriffs and police chiefs must agree and are looking to his and others lead.

These kinds of alternative and more extreme measures in safety and law enforcement will have to grow as America cycles through this particular political / ideological moment in American history. From the day one flooding of Americas borders with millions of illegals in pursuit of election dominance, to the irrational allowing of a segment of Americans who are being incentivized to continuously commit violent and other quality of life crimes without consequence. To the use of the legal system as a political weapon against those political symbol opponents who pose the greatest threat to the anti-America radical Socialist control agenda.

Are there injustices and abuses of power in some police departments in America? I would have to say, yes there are, and they need to be dealt with in very strong ways. BUT, recognizing that does not mean that because there are injustices historical and contemporary that you surrender all of your common sense, your country and the safety and prosperity of your family to that strategically amplified narrative.

And as we enter this most extreme time in American politics and the direction that the country will be going it is a very dangerous and potentially violent time. That is again, by political strategy design. That is how it works.

And your default position must be? They are all lying until you can to some degree reliably establish some degree of truth. Who in your opinion is lying more? And where does your and your family's best self-interests lie?

You are on your own and you must figure it out.

Are you paying attention yet America?  JGL 4/14/24

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