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Updated: Feb 4

The Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm (D), who works for the current President of the United States who she serves to manifest HIS and the administrations agenda for the country states when asked about the president's statement that: He would "put the fossil fuel industry out of business".

She replies: "I have never heard the president say that".

Trust them by their actions and not by their words.

Joe Biden pledging to end fossil fuel:

Government and anyone who inhabits it has NEVER told the public the truth. NEVER. Not the truth as you understand what truth is anyway.

Truth is not the job of the entity government in either political party and those who inhabit it; The control of power and agenda is the job of government and those who inhabit it. Do not allow yourself to be confused between the two. The words that come out of the mouths of those empowered front persons within the entity government rarely if ever have anything to do with your definition of truth. Rarely if ever and I mean NEVER.

ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE ( Nothing of consequence and importance on this planet concerning your freedom and security is accomplished without producing and dominating in the field of energy in all of its forms. NOTHING. Which does not mean that through higher and higher development and application of technology and industrial processes the concern for cleaning up the environment cannot be reasonably accomplished in time. And no rational person would argue otherwise.

The ONLY ones who are given an advantage both economic and military as a result of this presidents (D) radical and extreme energy policies are the CCP Chinese and the Russians. BOTH of whom have apparently generously "Donated" millions of dollars through his son's "Business" enterprises mightily to the president's personal family wealth profile. HELLO!

Starts with "T" ends with "EASON" some might say.

Tell me, where in your opinion do you believe your and your family's and your country's interests lie? In the economic and military empowerment of the stated enemies of your country? Because that in effect is what is underway. Do you support that? If not, then YOU are going to have to keep your mind clear of the ongoing gaslighting and do something about it.

PS regarding gaslighting: As per the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alehandro Myorkis (D): "The Southern border of America is secure".

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/28/24

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