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Updated: Feb 18

"In a scathing rebuke of a New York Judge’s decision to fine Donald Trump a staggering $355 million, the entrepreneur and media personality Kevin O’Leary minced no words, denouncing the ruling as “unjust,” “appalling” and ultimately “un-American.”

Based on this ruling by the New York State court judge related to charges brought by New York State Attorney General there must now if you apply logic every big-time real estate developer must be investigated and charged with the same.

You don't like Trump? You personally hate Trump? I can respect that; Trump can be a mixed bag no doubt. BUT, whether you personally like him or not what is currently going on in the several courts around the country attempting through lawfare to financially and even criminally injure him so he can no longer prevail in his political quest for the presidency is just not worth it. Surrendering your entire system, your foundation of civilization of Objective law and justice is just not worth it.

But it is if "By any means necessary" is your political charge. And your inability to be Objective and drag yourself out of your Subjective fearful hatred for an individual is just not worth it.

The good soldiers that inhabit the now radical Leftist Democrat party and the associated empowering RINO Republicans want this offence to the Constitution and Objective law and justice to prevail. And with that offence to the Constitution, we are all now put in danger of spiraling into an Orwellian reality where we are all in jeopardy in our personal freedom, freedom of speech, right to own property, right to self-defense and live without fear of our own government. A high price to pay I think you will agree. No? You cannot see and understand that? "They got Trump" is all you care about?

Well then YOU and what I can only characterize as your ignorance and self-indulgence is truly the problem. The one is not worth the other.

In time, in my opinion, on appeal all of these cases will be revealed for what they clearly are, an expression of desperate criminal political warfare against the one person in the country that poses the greatest threat to a radical "Transformative" "By Any Means Necessary" political perversion and corruption of our law and justice system operation in the furtherance of a radical political agenda. Un and anti-American. Are you no longer an American?

The "Good Soldiers" are doing what good soldiers do, they are taking care of their assigned political warfare business. But at what cost?

One of the reasons that I began to more formally document and share my opinions in the form of the blog was to be able to historically be able to go back and point out what I see and understand about what America is, where it came from and more importantly what threatens it and where it may or may not be going. And to point it out to others who may not have the focus, some might say obsession, that I have with the subject.

Many equate America and its success and its world domination and current political power cycle with the Roman empire. And I always point out the thing, the one concept made manifest by the Founders. And that is the existence of the Constitution and what it attempts to structure and counterbalance, the abuse of power. Put in place to attempt to circumvent that inevitable chaos and violence. And that it attempts to ensure the peaceful transfer of power.

This is what the radical Leftist Democrats and RINO's who seek absolute political power and control would do if they could: Russian authorities: Alexey Navalny died of 'sudden death' syndrome ( But they cannot do it, not yet anyway. But we are approaching it.

Politics IS the dirtiest, filthiest most perverted and corrupt activity that human beings participate in. And you are witness right now to just how true that statement is.

What will you do about it?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 2/17/24

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